Peljesac – excursions and nearby destinations


During your holidays on the peninsula, in addition to swimming and sunbathing, why not visit the other settlements of the Riviera? Tour of rural households, where you can taste the local produce is an excellent idea, and certainly the most interesting will be visiting some of the famous wineries and enjoy some wine tasting.

Our first recommendation is surely the city of Dubrovnik, the pearl of Mediterranean, rich in cultural monuments and colorful history that you will find on each step while walking  on the city walls, visiting churches, museums and galleries. After touring the city, we suggest a cable car ride which will take a few minutes until you reach Mount Srđ, from where you'll have an unforgettable view of the city and surrounding islands while at the same time you can enjoy the menu of the restaurant-belvedere.


On the way from the peninsula to Dubrovnik, you will find a monument of park architecture "Arboretum" located in Trsteno.

Take advantage of the proximity of one of the most famous Croatian national parks - the island of Mljet. Along with NP Mljet, visit the Nature Park Lastovo that is also an island.

A real must see is a visit to the bay of Maloston that is famous for the cultivation of shellfish (a gastronomic delight guaranteed), and in the town of Ston take a stroll between the remains of walls that divide Veliki and Mali Ston. The length of these walls is about 5 kilometers and they are visible from the main road. Local residents call this wall the "Little Chinese wall."

After Ston Bay, towards the town of Ploce, just before reaching the town there is a valley of the river Neretva. Delta of this river has become a "Croatian Garden", since the ideal position and climatological conditions are the basis of successful cultivation of fruits and vegetables. While visiting this area, visit the ornithological and wetland reserves "Pod gredom," "Orepak" and "Prud", where you will be able to ride in a boat and see a large number of protected wetland plants and birds.

We encourage you to experience the trip "Photo Safari". Behind Ploce you can visit the Baćinska jezera (freshwater lakes), where you will, along with swimming and refreshments, surely  enjoy delicacies and specialties prepared from frogs and eels.You can reach the Neretva river valley and the lakes if using the ferry connections from Trom and Ploce.

Be sure not to miss visiting the island of Korcula and where you can find the birth house of the world traveler Marco Polo.