How to get to Peljesac and Orebic

Peljesac peninsula can be reached by land and sea routes, and because of the proximity of the borders there are alternative routes via neighboring states, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

If you are arriving by plane, the Dubrovnik airport "Ćilipi" is 74 km away from Ston, 127 km from Trpanj and 132 km away from Orebic. Another option is the airport Split . To continue your journey from Split you can choose the road route towards Ploce (140 kilometers) from where you can reach the peninsula and from there take a ferry for the settlement of Trpanj (journey takes 1 hour). If you wish to continue your journey along the coast, you will continue in the direction from Ploce and Dubrovnik, and near the town of Ston take a turn for the Peljesac peninsula, and continue towards your destination. From Split airport to Ston you only have 195 km and another 55 kilometers to Trpanj or to Orebic. Apart from these two Croatian airports, as an alternative, you can use the airport in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and Tivat or Podgorica (Montenegro). Road route from Sarajevo to Ploce is 195 km long, and you will again have to take a ferry to Trpanj on the peninsula; or you can travel to Ston (about 230 km) and then further until reaching your destination. From Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) you can reach Ploce by train. If you land in Tivat or Podgorica (Montenegro), to Ston where you will take a turn for the Peljesac peninsula you will pass 150, or 200 kilometers, and another 55 km or so to Trpanj or Orebic.

If you choose to travel by road, in recent years this form of traveling was facilitated with the construction of the highway Zagreb-Dubrovnik, which is currently completed until the exit Vrgorac, from which the journey continues along the road to Ploce (25 kilometers) from where you can cross to Peljesac by ferry. The journey to Trpanj takes 1 hour. From Ploce you can continue your journey by the old Adriatic coastal road, before turning to Ston towards the Peljesac peninsula (57 km), and than you will have to cross another 55 km to Trpanj or to Orebic. If you are coming from Dubrovnik to reach Ston you have approximately 55 kilometers.

The only south Croatian railway station is in Ploce, located 100 kilometers away from Dubrovnik. Since the railway network was built during the existence of SFR Yugoslavia when Croatia was an integral part of the federation, Ploce were connected only by route Ploce-Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), so you can arrive by train only from Sarajevo. Within the Croatian railway network you can travel until Split, where you will have to continue your journey towards the peninsula with a rented car or by bus until Ploce and then take a ferry to Trpanj or bus to Orebic.

With coach lines, Peljesac is connected to Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik, and combined lines from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Podgorica (Montenegro).